About Us

We love technology and all things wireless, which is why we love Bluetooth technology and all the possibilities that it allows. When Bluetooth® technology first started showing up years ago, we thought it was a great idea, but we never thought we would see the simply amazing products that now incorporate Bluetooth®, from simple wireless headsets to easy to control speakers, whole house audio and security systems, and personal health and fitness tracking wearables.

The downside of so many great products is that the choices can be very confusing, and forget about trying to figure out which really is the best product for me. That’s why we, and not fancy algorithms or robots, find the best Bluetooth® products on Amazon, and present them to you. Just click on the Buy From Amazon button when you’re ready to buy directly from Amazon.
BluetoothBargains only features products available from Amazon. Why? Because we trust Amazon – they have great prices, millions of products, and fast shipping. On the rare occasion we had an issue with purchase, or had to return something, Amazon’s excellent customer service took care of it without a hassle.

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold, the first is to educate users about Bluetooth technology and to be a resource to help identify what technology may be best for you. Our second mission is find the highest rated (4 stars and above) Bluetooth products, in multiple categories, that are available on Amazon, so that we can present them to you.


We include Reviewer Comments for products on this site, and reviewer comments are ongoing – meaning that we will be adding reviewer comments on n ongoing basis. These review comments are based on opinion and observations from multiple testers and users, so that no single individual’s personal experience or opinion would have too much weight, and would be of the most value to you.

We hope you will share this site with your friends, and come back often – we will be adding the best new Bluetooth products as both the technology improves and innovative products are launched.

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